Tracfone Vs Verizon Vs Boost Mobile: Cell Service and Phone Stores Compared
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Tracfone Vs Verizon Vs Boost Mobile: Cell Service and Phone Stores Compared

Tracfone has cheap rates for prepaid phone service of under 300 minutes per month. Their coverage is extensive in the U.S., though their phone selection is poor. Verizon has the best cell service coverage around, though they are more expensive and require contracts. Boost Mobile is somewhere in between. They allow you to buy month-to-month plans with no long term commitment required.
Covered in this report
Tracfone — Best Features
9 cents per minute for prepaid purchases.
TracNSave bonuses let you save on hotels, computers and even pizza.
Best for: Those who want pre-paid service with low volume like 300 minutes per month.
Best deal: Get 40 Bonus Minutes with purchase of 90 Service Day 400 Minute Airtime Card - [activate coupon]
— Best Features
Verizon Edge program lets you purchase a new phone by paying a monthly fee instead of all at once.
Free 2 day shipping of purchased phones right to your house.
Best for: Those who want the latest phones shipped right to their door, and who don't mind 2 year contracts.
Boost Mobile — Best Features
Buy pre-owned phones and get top name phones that are still in fine working order for a lot cheaper.
Shrinkage plan allows you to pay less over time as long as you are faithful with payments.
Best for: Those who need something in between contract and strict pre-pay for minutes.

Cell phone services are all over the place these days, so it can help to get a handle on which service offers exactly what kind of phones, coverage and plans.


Tracfone is the number 1 national wireless provider for no contracts. They have a very wide network in terms of cell service that covers nearly all of the United States depending on your model. Going with Tracfone will save you a lot of money if you have low volume in terms of how many minutes you need per month. The one down side is that you end up being largely stuck with whatever phone you can buy through the service.


  • TracNSave-This members program allows you to save on other products such as 25% off Papa John’s Pizza, 10% off Motel 6, and so on.
  • 1 Year Card for 400 Minutes at under $100
  • Additional cards ranging up to 1500 minutes over 1 year for under $200.
  • Double Minute Cards Available
  • Carryover for Minutes
  • Pre-paid 9 cents per minute.
  • Recharge easily



Verizon boasts the largest cellphone service in terms of coverage in the country according to some experts. They are mostly a contract phone company, but you can get prepaid as well. The phone store selection is massive, and finding a local location won’t be hard since there are so many of them.


  • Backup-Verizon has an extensive backup plan that allows you to keep all of your contacts and email settings backed up on the Cloud so you won’t lose them if anything happens to your phone.
  • Massive 4G LTE Network-Verizon offers this in 265 more markets or so than what other companies like AT&T have.
  • Free 2 Day Shipping
  • Free Activation (limited)
  • Verizon Edge Financing- If you have trouble affording the newest phone, Verizon’s Edge programming offers financing that lets you pay a small fee once a month to get the phone early.

Boost Mobile

Boost Mobile is another no-contract company that specializes in combining great selection with cheap phones. Instead of purchasing minutes ahead of time however, you purchase monthly plans that go between $45 and $60 per month.



  • $60 off some phones.
  • Phone Insurance
  • Pre-owned Phones- This includes phones like Samsun Galaxy Prevail 2, which you can get for $69.99 instead of the retail which is at around $100.
  • Free Shipping
  • 14 Day Guarantee
  • Keep Your Phone Number
  • Shrinkage Plan- You can actually reduce your monthly fees over time if you pay them all on time. Your payment will shrink by up to $15 a month after 18 months of on-time payments.
  • Buyback Program-Boost will buy back phones to help you save on purchasing new ones.
  • $25 Referral Program-Refer someone else to Boost mobile and if they sign up, you’ll both get credit towards your purchases.

Head to Head

Cell Service

Tracfone has a solid record for complete U.S. coverage. Verizon’s cell service is famously the best around, as shown in their “Can You Hear Me Now?” campaign. Boost mobile doesn’t have service quite at the same level as a player like Verizon, and it also often has limits on speed to a 3G network.

Phone Stores

Tracfone has a bit of a limited selection in terms of phones, since you mostly have to purchase one of a dozen or less Tracfone phones. Verizon phone stores are everywhere, and you can purchase everything from iPhones to Windows 8 phones, to the latest of every kind of Android phone all at the same place. Boost Mobile has great phone selection and they even have cheaper prices if you purchase pre-owned from their phone store on the Internet.

Additional Information
Tracfone Coupon Code: 40020 - 20 Bonus Minutes with purchase of 120 Minute or more Airtime Card - Activate
Tracfone Coupon Code: 74316 - 60 bonus minutes with purchase of 120 minute card - Activate
Tracfone Coupon Code: 77578 - Get 100 Minutes Free on Order of 120 Minutes - Activate
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