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Tuccini.com Website Review & Ratings + Tuccini Coupons

Tuccini started as a company selling luxury, brand name perfumes at low prices and has since expanded into other luxury lifestyle products and aromatherapy and candles. The fragrances arrange from well known, famous makes to lesser known but equally valid perfumes and the prices are good.

The brand names sold on this site is endless, (Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent, BOUCHERON, Christian Dior, Hermes and many more), with all the top ones available, and a good selection of each to choose from.

The “about us” section intimates a whole host of diverse products as do the images on the home page, (they show cigars, furniture, jewelry and cloths, and should be interactive – but is not), but the tabs on the site only offer perfume, aromatherapy and candles so the customer is left not quite knowing what they really do sell. This said, both the aromatherapy and candles tabs show no items, so this site ends up being a perfume site. There is nothing wrong with that – it is just a bit annoying to be told there are all manner of items that do not appear. There is also a “sale items” tab, but this too has “coming soon” and no items displayed. If everything except the perfume were removed, this would be a better site.

This confusion aside, and treating the site as a perfume only web site - the site is clean and easy to use, and you can shop by; women’s perfume, men’s cologne and gift sets or by brand and items on sale.

146px × 150px (scaled to 145px × 150px)Davidoff, COOL WATER SEA SCENTS AND SUN, $50

Tuccini: What makes it different?

There is one glaring thing that makes the Tuccini site stand out, and that is the size of the bottles. Many low-priced perfume sites sell “brand name fragrances”, but the packaging, bottle and size is different to the original in a minute way, leaving a huge question about authenticity. This is not the case with Tuccini. Their packaging and size are the same as the original. The products are low priced and are lower than most sites, but even if they cost a bit more, this is worth paying to get piece of mind, knowing you are buying a real, quality fragrance.

There is a nifty little alphabetical keyboard that lets you click the first letter of a brand you wish to see and all the brand names with that first letter appear in a list. Simply click the one you want. This feature is at the side of the page and does not interrupt your viewing or searching, and this makes it easier to find and compare items.

145px × 150pxPALOMA PICASSO by Paloma Picasso $72.97

Tuccini vs. primary competitors (sites similar to Tuccini)


Tuccini is not the only site selling brand name perfumes at budget prices. This is a busy and competitive market and one worry is that the item may not be original. Everything on the  Tuccini site leads you to believe their fragrances are “real”, and that is not the case with many cheap, brand name, perfume sites.


This is an annoying site. The brand names are listed in a continually scrolling bar and you need to be very, very quick if you want to click on one of these. Also every time you return to the home page, (and clicking the wrong one means you will do that a lot), there is a pop up which will not go away unless you click it.

Once you leave the home page the same search keyboard as the other site appears – it just takes a while to get there.

Although purportedly the real brand items and not fakes, the sizes they offer in perfume bottles, seem not to exist in the real brand perfumes. For example, they sell “Dolce & Gabbana LIGHT BLUE EAU DE TOILETTE SPRAY” in a 1.6oz bottle while it appears that this fragrance only exists in a 1.7oz bottle, and this is not the only one.



This site is user friendly, but very slow to load and you need to be patient if you are searching for multiple items as it could take quite a long time.

Like Fragrancenet.com there are some odd size bottles on this site; Yves Saint Laurent KOUROS Cologne, which  Yves Saint Laurent make and sell in 3.3oz bottles is here in a 3.4oz bottle.


These products from both Fragrancenet.com and Perfume.com may be genuine, but it would be interesting to hear how they manage to have the perfumes in sizes different to the original makers size.

88px × 90px (scaled to 87px × 90px) BOUCHERON gift set for Women

Tuccini: Pricing & packages


  • Dolce & Gabbana, LIGHT BLUE EAU DE TOILETTE SPRAY, .8 OZ $45.11
  • Dolce & Gabbana, LIGHT BLUE EAU DE TOILETTE SPRAY, 1.7oz $ 66.29
  • Yves Saint Laurent, KOUROS Cologne, 3.3oz $69.58
  • Chanel, ALLURE, 1.2oz $76.42
  • BOUCHERON gift set for Women $51.88


  • Dolce & Gabbana, LIGHT BLUE EAU DE TOILETTE SPRAY, .8 OZ $49.98
  • Dolce & Gabbana, LIGHT BLUE EAU DE TOILETTE SPRAY, 1.7oz $59.98
  • Yves Saint Laurent, KOUROS Cologne, 3.4oz $67.98


  • Dolce & Gabbana, LIGHT BLUE EAU DE TOILETTE SPRAY, .8 OZ – they do not sell this size
  • Dolce & Gabbana, LIGHT BLUE EAU DE TOILETTE SPRAY, 1.6oz $
  • Yves Saint Laurent, KOUROS Cologne  - out of stock and no price or size available to see
  • 145px × 150px
Tuccini: Product images & screenshots
Tuccini Coupons
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Tuccini: Customer reviews & comments

Customer reviews on Tuccini are mainly 5 out of 5 stars and here are some comments from satisfied customers:

"Very quick delivery, item arrived in great condition."

“"Very fast shipping. Great seller! "

"Products arrived in perfect condition. Wished that they could have been purchased locally, but glad I had a place to purchase so easily."

“5.0 out of 5 stars I took a chance, and it was worth it.”

“Excellent product that was received on time."

"I would order from them again. "

"When questioning why delivery date was not sent to me, I e-mailed the company and received a prompt and explanatory reason. Then, the delivery came a few days later."

145px × 146px (scaled to 145px × 150px) LALIQUE by Lalique $79.53

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Great review. thanks

Nice job on this.

Very well compiled product review.

Another good one here.

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Another wonderful review from you.

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Thanks to you all for the comments.


Tuccini is an over rated company with many illusions of grandeur and a mission statement it does not intend to honor. The sub standard employees I have met are incompetent, uncaring, over bearing and mindless. Though I had legitimate claims, the owner/manager refused to call me as I requested and because of his problematic behavior, he has incurred my wrath which has fanned the flames and will keep me motivated to inform and do more research as to why Tuccini must strive for improvement if it intends to remain in business. Their products are substandard and their customer relations non-existent.

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