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Do you have overpriced internet bills? Have you been browsing the internet for hours trying to find a reasonable priced fast internet plan? Well, you have found your answer. Verizon internet offers multiple plans based on your budget and preferences. They also offer packages and discounts when you order a bundle plan. Starting at just $19.99 a month, Verizon Internet is a great plan to accept if you are looking for a reasonable priced, reliable, and fast internet provider. Providing the fastest internet in the US, their plans are sure to satisfy all of your internet browsing needs.

One customer said:

"It’s amazing. I couldn’t believe it!"

Some of the general functions that Verizon Internet provides include:

  • Free Modem and Only $14.99 for a router
  • Save money when you buy a Phone/Digital TV package
  • Customize your own bundle to suit all of your needs
  • High Speed and FiOS internet for the fastest speed possible
  • and More
Verizon Internet: What makes it different?

Some of the major advantages of Verizon Internet include:

  • Custom bundles based on the consumer's preference
  • Low prices for high speed, reliable internet
  • A free modem and low priced router
  • Offers packages for internet security, expert care, and backup and sharing
  • Save money when bought with other Verizon services
  • FiOS internet, the fastest internet service in the US
  • A support system for help at anytime
  • Free Installation
  • Customer Satisfaction

With all of these great services, you would expect an extremely high price, but with Verizon, you can expect more, for less.

Best Available Verizon Wireless Coupon:
Verizon Internet vs. primary competitors (sites similar to Verizon Internet)

Verizon's leading competitor, AT&T has made some great changes however they are still not able to match up to Verizon's great service. They have tried to compete with Verizon's FiOS with their new U-Verse however it still can't beat the lightning fast service. 

AT&T's basic internet package price is $14.99 while Verizon's is $19.99. Offering similar plans, AT&T seems to be the logical one to choose. With a deeper perspective you will learn that not only does Verizon's network run smoother and faster, but their customer support is phenomenal. AT&T lack both of these aspects and have lost many customers due to it.

Based on multiple customer reviews, AT&T has had many complaints due to both their customer service and networking issues. While Verizon sends direct links to each personal network, AT&T sends a single link to spread out into many networks. Because of this AT&T's network is more likely to slow down, lose connection, crash, etc. 

Here is a complaint on the AT&T customer service:

"Their customer service is not very honest.  Expect the installation technician to be late without even a warning or a phone call."

~ A customer

In addition to all of this, Verizon also offers a larger range of packages and the option to create your own bundle so that you can customize based on your needs and save money.

Verizon Internet: Product images & screenshots
Verizon Internet Coupons
Verizon Internet: Detailed review

Verizon Internet offers both High Speed and FiOS internet based on your budget. Starting at just $19.99 a month, Verizon Internet offers internet speeds of 1 Mbps up to the FiOS 50 Mbps. 

Here are the breakdowns of High Speed Internet and the FiOS

High Speed Internet

1. Worth its Price. Verizon recently upgraded their internet service so that it is worth even more than it was before. With internet that runs so smoothly and quickly, $20 is well worth the service.

2. Network Reliability. With over 100 million people relying on Verizon Internet, you would expect it to slow down however you will receive your own dedicated line from Verizon's central office to ensure that your service is optimal.

3. Professional Support. In addition to your own dedicated line, Verizon also offers a 24/7 support service from internet specialists for any of your network needs. There is also a support section of their website that includes FAQs, forums, chat, troubleshooting tips, videos, and user guides.


1. The Fastest Internet Service in America. Enough said.

2. Customer Satisfaction. FiOS has proved itself to be satisfactory time and time again. Here are some of the reactions of customers and companies:

"Just get FiOS. Amazing"

               ~ a satisfied customer

"With a speed that’s higher than anyone else nationally…what’s not to enjoy."

                           ~ Ziff Davis, Inc.

"Customers who switch to FiOS® report saving about $5 per month."

                           RVA Research

3. Network Reliability. FiOS internet is consistent and will not slow down at any time. With its blazing fast internet speed, this is an aspect that satisfies many customers.

4. Professional Support. Like the High Speed internet, Verizon also offers the same support and service for all FiOS internet users.

So, exactly how fast is FiOS?
  • Upload a 50MB album in 20 seconds
  • Download a 2 hour movie in 16 minutes
  • Download 10 songs in 8 seconds
  • Send ten 1MB email attachments in 4 seconds 
Best Available Verizon Wireless Coupon:
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Comments (2)

Very interesting


I have had a terrible experience with Verizon's customer service. A verizon engineer had fixed an appointment with me to come home between 8 and 12 to install the internet service, but he never turned up. When I called Verizon, I was told that they do not send engineers home for installation of internet. After I gave them some more details, they said an engineer would visit between 8 and 5, and not the time slot mentioned to me! This is the kind of customer service even before the service has been activated. I think I have made the wrong choice by choosing Verizon.

During the ordering process, I was asked to fax my ID proof. I tied sending a fax from several fax machines, but the fax would never go through most of times. Verizon claims they did not recieve my fax a couple of times when the fax did go through! I had to eventually place a new order with forms of ID to get my service.

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